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Family Tree Research
Family Tree Research can be an enriching experience and I have great feeling of satisfaction when helping my clients bring the story of their ancestors to life.
I offer the followings services on an hourly basis to enable you to select a level of research activity to suit your budget. 

Birth, Deaths, Marriages
I can research your ancestors from any region of England, Scotland and Wales providing all available personal details for your family tree.
Additionally I can obtain certificates on your behalf.

Divorce Information.
Part of set of court documents from
1923 divorce 
In some cases I will be able to obtain for you, the Court documents relating to a divorce in the UK. These can quite often make very interesting reading and they often come with marriage and birth certificates included.

Last Will and Testaments information
Where the Last Will and Testament was made by your ancestor, I can research this and provide you with a choice of records from the National Probate Calendar entry to the Will’s full documentation.

Census Searches
I can perform thorough UK Census searches, offering you a concise record of the information held, including Occupation’s (where appropriate) , address (including any name or boundary change information) and information about any neighbours that may be relevant, such as the presence of other family members.

We found the grave of this Yorkshire 
soldier with the East Lancashire Regiment 
Military Service
Researching relatives involved in the Great War of World War I can provide much information about them. This has been a specialist area of our work for some time. In the case of war casualties, I will research burial locations, provide maps, history and location details when available.

Business Information, Occupations and Land Ownership
There are many directories that contain this information and they can provide a better source than a Census for placing your ancestors in a location for a period of time. I provide a search service in this area and can provide documentation from the original directories.

Emigration, Immigration, Travel and Transportation.
Many of our client's families originated
from Yorks, Lincs and Lancs.
This a valuable source of information for families originating in the UK, and it helps to trace the journey they made for a new life. 

Other Areas of Family Research.
There are many other areas that you may wish to consider using my services for. Examples of research work I would undertake: Alien Arrivals, Overseas Records, Hospital and Pension Records, Battle of Trafalgar Records, Regional History, Company House Records and many more.

Please contact me for more information.

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