It has always been very satisfying to make ‘someone’s day’ with the success of my research into their family. These are just a selection of the comments received more recently. As you can see, I have searched on behalf of my families of British Origin from many locations across the World.

"That gem about Amy Johnson being his tennis partner is amazing!!" AR , San Diego, USA.

"Thanks so much for your offer to find something while you visit Quadring. There seems to be so little of the village remaining." BC , Nebraska.
"Each time I open an email from you, it seems like Christmas Day" – MT , Hereford, UK
"You have added so much info to my tree, it’s fantastic"  JB , Bedford, USA.
"This is fantastic!! The photos are great." MS, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
"Thanks ever so much". CS Peterborough, Canada
"You have done an amazing Job", GR , Sligo, Ireland.
"I would never have got this far without your help, Thank you." ML , Goteborg, Sverige.
"That story and newspaper cutting is simply amazing". RCE, Vancouver. BC. Canada.

"Those are amazing pictures , we never even thought that picture could have been in the National Portrait Gallery." RJR Goxhill, Lincolnshire.
"Thanks for getting those maps from Kew ( The National Archives), they made a real difference in searching for the Ancestral home "CR, Auckland , New Zealand.
"Wow , the Journey from Hamburg to Liverpool and on to USA, was a long one. May be I will do it one day too."  MS , Fort Worth, Texas.

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