Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Unidentified Images of People and Places

Do you recognise any of the people , places or things highlighted in this series of images ?
If so please contact us and share what you know ?

Hull , about 1930.

Walter and Kate Billington along with the family dog ; Jack. The Gentleman with the pipe is possibly John Henry Simpson , Kate's brother. The rest of the family could be some the Simpson children.
3 Soldiers
Taken about 1914, 3 soldiers (See Image for details)

Raymond's health meant he was never enlisted. Walter Cyril on the right was in the East Yorkshire Regiment.
Do you recognise the uniforms ?

1914 Wedding Party 
The Wedding of Lillian Billington and Henry Hall , As detailed in the picture.
Do you know the lady on the right hand side of the picture ?

1921 Pierrots
Kate Adelaide Billington ( nee Simpson) was an entrepreneurial woman owning property and retail businesses in Withernsea, East Yorkshire. In 1921 she acquired this group of travelling 'Pierrots'
Do you recognised any of them ?
Trip to the Coast
Early / Late 40's - a party from Hull head for the Seaside ?
Raymond Billington is again on the back row and third from right.
Do you know anyone on this trip ?
Do you know where it is ?
1920's Outing 
We think this is 1922, Raymond Billington is 4th from the left , on the back round standing ?

Where is it ?

Who are his friends ?

Scarborough 1914
The Date is August 14th 1914, the Great War is two weeks old.
Scarborough, East Yorkshire.
The Lady on the Right Hand Side of the Picture at the rear of the Vehicle is Kate Adelaide Billington (born 1873)
Who are the other 4 females and who are the 2 Children ???
St David's Hall in Hull 
This picture is taken at St David's Hall in Hull in the 1920's.
At the Piano, My Great Grandfather Walter Billington. MY Grandfather Raymond Billington is 7th from the right on the second row in.
Do you know anyone on this photo ?
What can you tell us about St David's Hall?
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